Step 1: Adding photos to your shopping cart To add one photo to your cart at a time, when in any of our galleries, click the Buy button and select This Photo from the menu. You will be presented options for print sizes and finishes. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to add more than one item. Be sure to click the + sign for each product you'd like to add to your cart. Click Checkout if you're ready to finish your order, or click Back to Photos to keep browsing. Ready to add lots at once? Click the Buy button and select Photos in this Gallery from the menu. You'll see a thumbnail of every photo in the gallery so you can click to choose: Selected photos are bright with blue borders. Click the Add Photos to Cart button and we'll add all the photos you've selected to your shopping cart.

Step 2: Getting the perfect order Question - I have odd crop lines on my photo.... It's a rude shock to discover that your photo won't fit all print sizes without surgery. But at least you're empowered with your own knife. You can tell us what part of the photo to print, right there in the shopping cart. Gotcha: If you do nothing, only what's inside those crop lines will print on your photo. Question - What's luster? Our most popular choice. It combines the color saturation of gloss with the fingerprint resistance of matte. I've got more questions... What about shipping? It's all here under Bay Photo Lab What payment methods do you accept? The List What about other print options such as museum quality finishes? What about commercial use? Do you license for stock purposes? I have another question that I don't see an answer for. Have your people email us, we'll get back to them straight away. Just click here Problems? Make sure you're using a supported Internet browser. View our full list here! If your cart is "empty" after adding images to it, check your browser cookie settings. Ask a real person about any topic.